Stamp Duty Valuation

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What is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is a tax imposed by Australian state and territory governments on property transactions, including buying homes or commercial real estate. Stamp duty is typically due at or before the property settlement.

When is Stamp Duty Relevant in ACT (Canberra)?

You will need a Stamp Duty Property Valuation Report primarily when:

  • Transferring a property privately between related parties, as opposed to open market transactions.
  • The rate of stamp duty is determined by the property's value or purchase price.

Why Choose Northbourne Valuers?

Local Canberra Valuers

Our deep-rooted knowledge of Canberra valuations and property market ensures precise valuation every time.

Tailored Reports

At Northbourne Valuers, we craft detailed Stamp Duty Property Valuation Reports, matching the requirements of state and territory governments.

Assured Accuracy

Pay the correct stamp duty based on your property's actual value. Our detailed reports factor in current market trends and specific property characteristics.

Skilled Valuers

Our seasoned team excels in assessing properties for accurate stamp duty calculations, guiding you seamlessly through the complexities of stamp duty regulations.

Whether transferring properties among related entities or undertaking any transaction requiring stamp duty valuation, let Northbourne Valuers be your trusted partner. Commitment, accuracy, and high-quality valuations are our promise.

For any stamp duty valuation needs in Canberra and the surrounding NSW regions, lean on the reliability and precision of Northbourne Valuers.
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Simplify your Stamp Duty journey with Northbourne Valuers.