Desktop Valuation

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Desktop Valuation by Northbourne Valuers

A Desktop Property Valuation is an efficient method to estimate a property's value without an on-site inspection, relying instead on existing data and market research.

Advantages of Desktop Property Valuation


No physical inspections translate to saved expenses.

Quick Turnaround

Swift decision-making, courtesy of reliance on ready data.

Wide Scope

Assess properties globally.

Leveraging market data, for an objective analysis.
Risk Management
A preliminary tool for identifying market trends.


No Physical Inspection
Might overlook specific property aspects.
Data Dependency
Accuracy is tied to data reliability.
Local Market Knowledge
Lack of in-depth local insights.
Subjectivity Risks
Interpretation can sometimes be influenced by biases.

Desktop valuation comes with its distinct advantages, offering flexibility depending on the requirement. Understanding the limitations ensures you make an informed choice, aligning with your specific needs.

For more information, visit the API website.

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