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Family Law Valuation for Residential Property

Helps both parties understand the current market and ensure that neither party is disadvantaged or receives an unfair share in asset division process.

Capital Gains Tax / Retrospective Valuation

Essential for accurate tax reporting, compliance with tax laws, minimizing tax liabilities, and ensuring a smooth process during property transactions.

Stamp Duty Valuation

Involves analyzing property attributes and market factors to provide a fair and accurate property assessment. This valuation is used to calculate the stamp duty payable.

Desktop Valuation

Does not involve physically inspecting the property, but instead relies on various resources, including public records, market data, and other information that is available digitally.

Valuation Certificate

Typically required for property sale or purchase, mortgage or refinancing, estate planning and other purposes. Please consult to determine if it is needed in your specific circumstances.

Insurance Valuation

Aimed to determine the replacement cost to adequately protect the property against potential risks and damages. Regular review of insurance valuations is recommended to ensure appropriate coverage.

DHA & Rental Review

Our expertise can provide valuable insights, guidance and ensure you have a clear understanding of the rental terms and obligations to make informed decisions about your investment.

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Helps property owners and investors maximize their tax deductions by claiming depreciation expenses on their income tax returns. This can result in significant tax savings and increased cash flow.

Market Value Assessment

Essential for making informed decisions regarding selling, buying, or refinancing the property. Can be used to negotiate prices, secure loans, establish rental rates, or determine insurable values.

Unit Entitlement

Crucial for maintaining transparency and smooth functioning within a strata or community title property, ensuring that all owners contribute appropriately and have a legitimate say in decision-making processes.

Express One Day Valuation

Can be beneficial for clients who require quick and immediate valuations, such as in time-sensitive investment decisions or property transactions. Please note an increase of 50% of regular fees will apply.

Payment options

At Northbourne Valuers, we recognise that each company and individual have their own unique approach to conducting business, and this is particularly apparent in how you prefer to settle payments for our services. Our commitment is to facilitate a mutually beneficial business relationship, and to honour that commitment, we provide you with a range of payment options to choose from.

Credit Card

Let us know that we can pick up payment when we are inspecting your property

Cheque or Money Order

Please ensure that all cheques are made payable to our company


Please note an additional surcharge fees will apply

Cash on Delivery

Let us know that we can pick up payment when we inspecting your property

Please note, in accordance with our company policies and procedures, we request that you pay for our service at your earliest convenience. Following receipt of payment we well release our valuation report as soon as it is completed by our valuers. This policy ensures a seamless and efficient process for both parties involved. Our preferred method of payment is by EFT. Payments by cheque may take a few days to clear.

We are offering Australian Seniors Card holders a one off discount of 5%. Please advise when completing the request form.
Terms and conditions apply to all valuation and advisory services that Northbourne Valuers Pty Ltd performs for or provides to its clients.
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