Family Law Valuation

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Family Law Valuation with Northbourne Valuers

Navigating the complexities of family law valuation can be challenging, especially during emotionally charged times like a divorce. Northbourne Valuers is here to offer clarity and expert guidance every step of the way.

Why might you need a Family Law Valuation?

During divorce proceedings, assets, including shared residences, need to be appraised and distributed. Typically, there are two paths:
Selling the Shared Property
The real estate is sold, and proceeds are divided.
Property Buy-Out

One partner acquires the other's interest in the property.

In both scenarios, an accurate and authoritative property valuation is essential to ensure fair distribution and legal compliance.

How can we help?

Objective Assessment

Our unbiased evaluations guarantee a just distribution of assets.

Authoritative Valuations

Our evaluations for asset division are well-supported, tailored to meet court requirements, and can stand up to judicial scrutiny.

Legal Expertise

Northbourne Valuers is a trusted name among ACT attorneys, especially when determining property values for asset disputes. Our expertise ensures streamlined collaboration with all stakeholders.


Every valuation we handle abides by the ethics provision of the Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (API), guaranteeing confidentiality and discretion.

Comprehensive Support for Legal Professionals
Lawyers representing clients in divorces can lean on our comprehensive family law valuations, which provide retrospective market values aligned with the divorce date.

Why Choose Northbourne Valuers?

Certified Professionals
We are proud Certified Practicing Valuers (CPV) and Associate Members of both the Australian Property Institute (API) and the Australian Valuers Institute (AVI).
Commitment to Excellence

Whether you're an individual seeking clarity during a challenging time or a Family Lawyer aiming for precise valuations, Northbourne Valuers ensures impeccable service, quality, and value.

As you navigate the intricacies of family law, allow Northbourne Valuers to be your trusted partner, offering expert valuation services tailored to your unique needs.
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